Hi, I’m Mike and welcome to the site.  I’m just a regular guy living in New Hampshire who has a passion for shooting, reloading, and hunting.  I jokingly refer to myself as someone who has interests in many things and an expertise in nothing!  My philosophy is, we can all learn things from one another so I chose to put this site together so I can share my ideas and others can share theirs in the comments section.  I certainly don’t claim to be an “expert” anything so I’m looking forward to learning from comments and hope others can pick up a few things too.

So about me.  I’ve been into the shooting sports since my childhood.  Roaming around the woods and fields as a kid, armed with a BB gun or bow and arrow I began to see the challenge aspect of shooting.  Launching a projectile of any type and controlling its path to the best of our ability has always intrigued me.  I learned early on that there is a reward to be had by hitting the mark.  It’s you and your senses, trying to master a moment in time to achieve a perfect trigger squeeze, or release of an arrow.  Hitting an object repeatedly and on purpose is fun and challenging.  Shooting off the bench, or any position and trying to shoot as small a group into a target as possible is very rewarding and satisfying for me, as it probably is for you too.  It’s the fun of marksmanship.  Add to it the unique characteristics of different firearms and ammunition, and it becomes an enjoyable past time.  I enjoy all firearms for what they are, a tool with individual characteristics all their own built into them by their designers.  Some are enjoyed  because of a historical importance, others because they may be “cutting edge”, some still because of their practicality in some way.  I enjoy others simply because they feel nice in the hand, and bring a smile to me.  I’m sure others feel the same way.  This is what makes our hobby one of the greatest and we should always be thankful for our rights to enjoy it.  Enjoying this hobby also comes with the responsibility to represent it in a positive way, and to fight to be sure we maintain the freedom to continue to enjoying it, and are able to pass it along to the next generation.

I began ammunition reloading sometime in the late 80’s or very early 90’s.  As is often the case, I started out of an interest in it and it took off out of necessity because I was able to produce loads that I simply couldn’t buy.  I was loading a plinking type load in .44 magnum cases featuring hard cast lead bullets for use in an old S&W 629.  It was a comfortable load to shoot, and I shot plenty of it at the club I belonged to at the time as well as local sand pits.  To this day, the .44 magnum is one of my all time favorite cartridges and I still do quite a bit of loading and shooting of it.  Reloading for me is a very rewarding hobby that feeds my love of shooting and satisfies my experimental nature.  I enjoy experimenting with different loads and guns to see what performs the best as a combination of powder type and measurement mixed with different bullet and primers.  I use a chronograph quite a bit while developing and testing loads so I’ll post some of those figures on here from time to time.

The content of this sight will be mostly shooting and reloading with perhaps some outdoors footage and discussion thrown in.  I enjoy deer and bird hunting so some pictures of it may appear.  I don’t really “review” anything as there are some great sites and Youtube channels dedicated to that.  However, if something intrigues me I may post my feelings about it (not that anyone should care what I think about something!).  I’m very fortunate to live where I do because it allows me to have my own range which is the name and basis of this site.  I have a modest range where I shoot and experiment, and have friends and neighbors over to do the same.  We all have a great time, and a lot of laughs while keeping things safe and enjoyable.  So thanks for visiting, and be sure to come back often.  I welcome your comments and discussion on the posts here.